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NY BirdLooking for small bird toys? Well, Molly's Bird Toys page is a great place to start. Molly's Bird Toys are made by a small family run business that specializes in toys that provide a great opportunity for your bird to preen and forage. So if you have a bird that you want to spoil, give Molly's Bird Toys a try you won't be disappointed.

Molly's Kissing Hats
Mollys Basketful

Kissing Hats

Feathered friends of all sizes will adore these festive fedoras adorned with beads and zig-zags of shredder paper. Measures 7" from top to bottom and 4.5" across.
Price: $10.50


Basket Full of Surprises

A very full basket with beads, porcupine balls and even rattles on the bottom. Measures 11" from top to bottom.
Price: $12.95

Molly's 3 Legged Toy
Molly's Dancing Balsa

3-Legged Toy

Charming little straw hat with 3 legs made up of shredders and beads. Measures 7.5" x 3" from the top to the bottom.
Price: $8.95


Dancing Balsa

Molly's Toys just get better and better. Dancing Balsa with lots of rafia strung with bright beads and a bell. Measures 12" from top to bottom and 3.5" across.
Price: $12.95


Molly's Preener
Molly's Jumbo Purse

Molly's Preener

Preen, preen to your bird's hearts content. Colored wood spools to chew and lots of bright colored beads. Measures 12" x 8"
Price: $12.95


Jumbo Fancy Purse

This giant-sized purse full of fun will pay hours of happy returns for your feathered friend. 10 times larger than the classic Molly's Fancy purse! Measures 11" from top to bottom.
Price: $15.95


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